Ultramax 9V Batteries

This range of Ultramax batteries gives the consumer the choice of either reusable or disposable power, for use in their electrical gadgets. These are 9 Volt (PP3) batteries that come in packs of one (reusable) and 10 (disposable). They can be utilised either as spares or fitted immediately fully charged into a range of electrical devices in homes, offices, shops and factories. Their uses include powering microphones, smoke alarms and many other appliances like remote control units, portable music players and hand-held power tools.

NIMH batteries are rechargeable and can be reused hundreds of times and as such are environmentally friendly. Ultramax reusable power units can be recharged without being fully empty and can be stored for years with a significant amount of self-discharge.

Alkaline batteries are extremely popular and convenient to use. This range of disposable power cells can be stored under normal conditions for up to three years, and are always useful to have in the house for when needed. Ultramax is a name that is trustable for reusable and disposable power, and with disposable alkaline batteries you are guaranteed that they are not only safe but also leak resistant. D size cells will retain 90 per cent of their charge under standard conditions, for up to a year. The multipack also means that they are very inexpensive.