Ultramax AA Batteries

AA batteries, the most common battery used in the UK today with over 200 million sold annually. This range of quality single use and rechargeable AA batteries has been produced by Ultramax.

Available in various pack sizes, and produced in different chemical formula, care should be taken to ensure you choose the exact battery type required.

Alkaline AA batteries are still the favourite general purpose cell and can be used in a range of children’s toys, electric drills, digital cameras, and many other applications. Manufactured using a zinc-manganese dioxide chemical formula, they provide high performance, are leak-proof, and environmentally friendly. With their wide operational range (-18C to +50C) they can be used in all but the harshest of environments.

The most environmentally friendly and cost effective AA battery is the NiMH rechargeable cell and one of the most popular of the rechargeable units. Manufactured using nickel metal hydride chemistry, they are ideal for heavy drain items such as digital cameras, electric razors, and toothbrushes. The lower internal resistance of these cells allows an almost constant voltage to be delivered. With almost three times the capacity, and a 40% higher energy density than similar nickel-cadmium batteries, they are also a cheaper option compared to equivalent lithium-ion cells.

AA batteries have a low self-discharge rate and can be stored fully charged for two years or more. All AA rechargeable cells can be safely charged in any charger designed to accommodate AA batteries. If in doubt, check the manufacturer’s instruction booklet.