Ultramax AAA Batteries

The Ultramax range of AAA batteries is available in either rechargeable or disposable power packs. These batteries have been developed to a high degree of efficiency and durability and will provide long lasting power for electric devices around the house and also in offices shops and factories. The cells are available in packs of eight, four and two and can be used in clocks, all kinds of remote control units, torches, keyboards and mice, Gillette razors and a host of children's toys.

Rechargeable cells offer a low priced alternative for powering electrical gadgets that is also environmentally friendly. The Ultramax range of AAA batteries can be stored for long periods without significant self-discharge and can be recharged at any time. They do not have any memory effect. They are purchased full charged and ready to be used or stored for use at a later date.

AAA disposable alkaline batteries are also available within this range and have been manufactured for reliability to be used in electrical gadgets that have a high-drain potential. This includes MP3 players and digital cameras. These disposable are also environmentally friendly as they have been developed with no cadmium or mercury. They are able to operate in extreme heat or cold without loss of efficiency and can be stored for years with no discernible downgrading of energy levels.

Whether it is rechargeable or disposable power, Ultramax has an international reputation for quality.