Sanitiser and Soap Dispenser Batteries

Due to the unprecedented effects of Covid-19, both hand sanitiser dispenser batteries and soap dispenser batteries have been in increased demand, with companies wanting to ensure the safety of the public through the use hands-free devices. All of the batteries that we offer have been manufactured by trustworthy brands that are leaders in their industry, well-known for their high-quality products.

The list below displays a variety AA, C and D size batteries, sometimes known by different code names, which can be found on the product pages. These cells are the most common sizes when it comes to soap and hand sanitiser dispenser batteries, compatible with products from the popular dispenser brands Purell, Deb and Gojo. All of these options can be bought in bulk to ensure replacements are always available, ideal for dispenser manufacturers and businesses that require a large supply of batteries for dispensers around their premises.

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