Energizer Extreme Rechargeable Batteries

The Energizer range of Extreme batteries is available for purchase in AA and AAA sizes. These are rechargeable batteries that have been pre-charged and ready to be used in electrical gadgets, straight from the pack. The benefits of buying a renewable energy source are not only financial but also environmental. The Extreme Energizer range delivers high-performance levels combined with consistency and durability. These batteries are the perfect solution for use in all sorts of electrical gadgets at home or work, such as Gillette razors, clocks, torches, children's toys and keyboards and mice. Other uses include electrical equipment that needs a lot of power like game controllers and digital cameras.

Energizer Extreme batteries do not have a high level of self-discharge and can be stored with no problem over a 12 month period or left in electrical gadgets that are not regularly being used. Charging time for the batteries can be drastically reduced by using the Energiser one-hour charging station. Batteries charged in only one hour have a life cycle of up to 1000 re-charges.

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