Varta Solar Light Rechargeable Batteries

Varta has developed a high-quality range of rechargeable batteries for solar lighting. Available in packs of two, these AA and AAA cells have been manufactured using NiMH chemistry, making them not only efficient but also robust and long lasting. The batteries are available with power capacities of 550mAh and 800mAh and are a direct replacement for all cells used in solar light units. Solar lighting is good for the environment but has a very high drain on reusable battery power. With the Varta range, because each battery has no memory effect, they can be charged daily even when not fully empty, so are very convenient.

The state-of-the-art technology that has been used in these cells means that not only will they last through hundreds of charging cycles, but you can be guaranteed that they will also will give constant energy delivery even if they are not charged 100 per cent. With a medium capacity energy output, there is enough power to power your garden lights throughout the hours of darkness, and total recharging by the sun, during the day.

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