Xtar 26650 Batteries

Ideal for high-drain devices that require peak bursts of current, Xtar 26650 lithium-ion protected batteries have a nominal potential of 3.6 Volts and a maximum capacity of 5,200 mA/h (5.2 A/h).
Typical applications for Xtar 26650 lithium batteries include small, lightweight yet powerful flashlights as well as other equipment with heavy demand patterns and speciality electronics. Notably, high-tech inbuilt protection circuitry regulates the potent battery chemistry and helps to prevent overcharging or rapid discharging.
Usefully, it is possible to recharge this compact, high-capacity Li-ion cell up to 700 times. Xtar is a respected technology company that specialises in the development and manufacture of high-quality Li-ion batteries. Each 26650 lithium battery weighs 98 grammes and measures 26.5 millimetres in diameter by 68.2 millimetres in height (approximate).

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