Energizer Max C LR14 Alkaline Batteries | 176 Pack

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C, LR14, MN1400, LR14/L, AM2, 4014, AM-2, BABY
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12,000.00 Grams
  • Energizer Max C LR14 Alkaline Batteries | 176 Pack
  • Energizer Max C LR14 Alkaline Batteries | 176 Pack
  • Energizer Max C LR14 Alkaline Batteries | 176 Pack
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For enterprises operating in the demanding realms of manufacturing, servicing, and facilities management, uninterrupted and reliable energy is a foundational requirement for operational excellence and safety. These Energizer Max C LR14 Alkaline Batteries are offered in a substantial OEM tray of 176, exclusively to businesses within these vital sectors. This specially curated product is not permitted for resale. Presented in bulk packaging, it simplifies battery management while significantly reducing waste, thus endorsing your commitment to ecological responsibility. The design ensures batteries are readily available for immediate use, streamlining workflow and disposal practices.

Key Benefits:

  • Strategic Bulk Supply: The 176 pack configuration offers streamlined storage solutions and ensures batteries are easily accessible, optimizing inventory management.
  • Reliable Energy Source: Crafted to deliver consistent, long-term power for essential devices, these batteries decrease the need for frequent replacements, aiding in operational continuity.
  • Sustainable Packaging: The bulk supply format significantly lowers the environmental impact, aligning with green initiatives by minimizing packaging waste.
  • Exclusive Industry Focus: Specifically available for the manufacturing, servicing, and facilities management industries, this pack enforces strict compliance with non-resale directives.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Suitable for a wide array of professional devices, these batteries are engineered for reliability and high performance.

Applications and Technical Specifications:

The Energizer Max C LR14 Alkaline Batteries power a diverse range of devices crucial to professional environments, including:

  • Operational Machinery: Portable industrial lights, power tools, and machinery controls that require robust energy solutions to maintain productivity.
  • Safety and Monitoring Systems: Emergency lighting, gas detectors, and security systems, essential for safeguarding workplace environments.
  • Professional Audio/Visual Equipment: High-powered flashlights, audio equipment, and electronic signage, supporting clear communication and visibility.
  • Health and Medical Devices: Portable medical devices and equipment, ensuring reliability in critical health services.

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: 26 mm x 50 mm, perfectly sized for devices requiring C cell power.
  • Weight: Approximately 69 grams, offering a balance of substantial energy capacity and practical handling.
  • Voltage: 1.5V, ideal for powering a broad spectrum of professional-grade equipment.
  • Chemistry: Alkaline, providing long-lasting power and storage stability across a variety of temperature conditions.

In summary, the Energizer Max C LR14 Alkaline Batteries 176 OEM tray represents an essential resource for businesses in the manufacturing, servicing, and facilities management sectors, combining reliable power supply with an environmentally conscious approach. Opting for this bulk battery solution not only ensures that your critical devices are always operational but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable business practices. Equip your enterprise with Energizer Max C batteries to support uninterrupted operations, environmental responsibility, and the diverse demands of today's industry standards.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85061011

Country of Origin - USA (US)


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C Batteries
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Height: 50mm Diameter: 26 mm
Item Codes:
C, LR14, MN1400, LR14/L, AM2, 4014, AM-2, BABY
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Energizer Max
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