Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

The highly popular Energizer Ultimate Lithium range will provide you with all that you need; long-lasting, quality power. The batteries in this range can last up to 8X longer than standard alkaline alternatives, whilst weighing 33% less. Suitable for both high-drain professional and everyday devices, they have also been produced to work in extreme temperatures (-40ºC to 60ºC), making them ideal for all-year-round use in outdoor equipment.

Not only can they be stored for up to 20 years, but they are also guaranteed against leaks with Energizer’s leak-proof protection. Due to this long shelf-life, storage of our bulk packs is hassle-free, ideal for those requiring large quantities, due to high demand. This range consists of the standard AA, AAA, and 9v battery sizes, so you needn’t look further.

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