Copyright Information

The website hosts a variety of content which includes copyrighted material, subject to ownership by multiple, and in some cases, overlapping rights holders.

Manufacturer Logos, Images & Branding

All logos, manufacturer images and manufacturer produced branding are the property of the respective manufacturers. They are used by to aid in the sale of those respective products. Certain marks and branding have been provided to under specific conditions.

Product Images & Renders has for certain products, taken the time to produce our own professional photographic renders (an artist's impression), for products where high quality manufacturer photographs were not available. While the copyright of the marks and designs contained within, are property of the respective rights holders, the rights to these finished assembled renders are the property of and we will actively pursue any party who downloads, and uses these renders without authorisation. Branding & Content

All content specific to is the intellectual property of Alfafado Ltd and includes:

  • Logo
  • The combined layout of the website with colour scheme and overall representation and branding
  • Any graphics specific to the website including but not limited to banners, boxes, icons
  • All text including but not limited to home page text, information page text, category descriptions, product descriptions
  • Internal SKU numbers
  • Blog Posts
  • Information Articles

Stock Photography has legally paid to use all stock photography images used on the website and has a full purchase history of such images.

Some good general advice on websites and copyright

Generally speaking, the vast majority of content on any given website is subject to copyright. Even when information may seem ubiquitous, a given website may have specifically sought permission to display it. Most stock images are bought and licensed, most text is professionally written.

It is strongly advised not to take content from this website or any other, as it could lead to legal consequences.