312 'Brown' Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid and battery manufacturers worked together to produce a simple colour compatibility system. Any hearing aid requiring brown batteries will work with any of the batteries in this section. Battery is pleased to supply Energizer, Panasonic and Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries.

The 312 hearing aid battery delivers a steady delivery of voltage and has a high level of energy for their tiny size. Its physical dimensions are 7.9mm in diameter and 3.6mm in height, with 1.4 volts of power. It also has a 160mAh capacity.

This zinc air battery uses oxygen from the atmosphere that passes through the small hole in the case as a part of its chemical reaction. This battery also uses an anode composed of zinc and an alkaline electrolyte. The cathode uses an aqueous alkaline electrolyte to promote the reaction of the cathode. Its plastic seal protects the battery from handling until it is needed to use.

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