LR41 L736 Button Cells

These tiny alkaline button cells are commonly used in miniature electronic devices, including laser pointers, single function watches, interactive children’s books and medical testing devices. They are often used in series for the higher powered of these applications.

The battery case measures 7.9mm in diameter by 3.6mm thick. Capacity ranges from 25 to 32mAh. Other common designations are AG3/SG3/G3-A and 192/384/392. This battery may be a suitable replacement for the silver oxide-based SR-41 A736, if the current drain is low.

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  • GP 192 LR41 Button Cell Batteries | 10 Pack


    This strip of LR41 button cells is supplied on a perforated card mounting with ten individually blister-packed new batteries. Nominally rated at 1.50 to 1.55 Volts, current capacity varies from 25 to 32 mAh. These miniature, single-use and disposable...
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