GP ReCyko+ Pro Batteries

GP ReCyko + Pro batteries feature NiMH (nickel metal hydride) for superior rechargeability and top performance characteristics while in use. Pro fittingly describes this new rechargeable battery range, which is ideal for professional or home use and can be relied on to produce medium to high current as required by demanding portable equipment. The new Plus Pro range works again and again - up to an impressive 1,500 recharges and still retaining 70 percent charging capacity after five years.

GP batteries are manufactured by the Gold Peak Group, which has twenty-five years experience of producing quality OEM and retail batteries to the highest specifications. This globally recognised manufacturer has won environmental awards for clean production in its advanced facilities.

Available in a wide choice of frequently used sizes, GP rechargeable cells are supplied pre-charged in a sealed pack ready for you to open and use in a diverse range of portable electrical and electronic devices. If you require the best quality and performance in new rechargeables, choose new GP Recyko+ Pro batteries today.

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