319 (SR527) Watch Batteries

These batteries are silver oxide button cells, typically used in wrist watches that draw significant current at times. A thicker case provides higher capacity than some cells with the same diameter. The 319 will replace batteries with these names: SR527, SB-DE, 280-60, SB-AE, SR527SW, SR64, TR527SW and D319.

The case measures 5.5mm in diameter, with a height of 2.7mm. Battery output is 1.55V with a typical capacity in the 21mAh range.

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  • Energizer 319 SR527SW SR527 Watch Battery | 1 Pack


    One of Energizer’s crowning glories is the Energizer 319 SR527SW SR527 Watch Battery. This button cell battery incorporates silver oxide in its compact button dimension. Compared to other brands, the Energizer 319 Watch Battery provides up to 40%...
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