Ansmann Rechargeable Batteries

Ansmann, as one of Germany’s top 3 battery brands, has managed to combine high capacity with low self discharge, resulting in batteries which work straight out of the packet; and retain their charge for a year. As with most rechargeable batteries, they will recharge around 1000 times and this leads to fantastic economic savings.

Ansmann’s other jewels in the crown are their very high capacity batteries. AA cells up to 2850mAh are available and ideal for photographers using the flash a lot. What’s more, unlike conventional manufacturers, Ansmann produces full density C and D cells. Most rechargeable C and D cells simply contain a AA battery inside a larger canister. Ansmann’s C & D cells have capacities up to 4 times those of normal rechargeable batteries. High density, ultra high capacity C and D cells are used extensively in the oil, gas & mining; and defence industries.

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