New Website Help

new-website.png is proud to announce the arrival of our new website. There are a number of improvements at hand and we think this will significantly increase usability and user satisfaction.

New Features

  • Looks great on large displays, filling the page completely
  • Also looks great on tablets and phones, resizes as needed
  • Automatic tracking of orders
  • Nicely formatted PDF VAT Invoices
  • Quick Ordering
  • Lots of B2B Features

Important notes on User Accounts and Passwords

  • All existing user accounts have been moved from our old website, to this new website
  • Order history will follow in the weeks after launch, it has to be moved over slowly

  • You will need to reset your password, to create a new password on our new site
  • You can use the same password as the old website
  • Passwords on our old website are heavily encrypted and could not be transferred over - even we cannot see them