Maxell CR2016 Batteries

Maxell CR2016 coin cell batteries are for single use in certain types of wristwatches, photographic accessories and remote controls. Other typical applications for these small circular 3.0 Volt batteries include wireless security alarms, doorbells, key control fobs, miniature toys and compact medical equipment. Additionally, their high charge density delivers stable, long-lasting trickle current when fitted on computer motherboards as a CMOS backup battery supply.
Usefully, Maxell CR2016 3V coin cells have a shelf life of up to ten years. Their lithium manganese dioxide (LMnO2) battery chemistry means that these replacement coin batteries work well and deliver reliable, occasional power – even in extremely hot or cold operating temperatures.
Maxell coin cells are direct substitutes for battery size codes 280-202, 280-204, 280-206, BR2016, DL2016, EA50CF, ECR2016, FA, KL2016, LF1/4V and SB-T11. Each battery weighs 22.0 grammes and measures 20 millimetres in diameter, with a height of 1.6mm.

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  • Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries | 5 Pack

    Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries | 5 Pack


    Maxell CR2016 Coin Cell Batteries, provided in a convenient 5 Pack, are essential for those who rely on small electronic devices. These coin cell batteries are crafted to deliver long-lasting, reliable power in a compact form factor, making them suitable...
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