Energizer Pro Charger | Inc 4 x AA 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries

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Charges AA & AAA Batteries
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Truly innovative, the Energizer Pro Charger utilises both audio and visual technology to keep you informed about the state of the cells you’re charging, making it the ideal option for anyone with a visual or hearing impairment. It’s also a practical charger for anyone with devices that use compatible batteries who wants to stay in control of his or her charging experience.

Capable of charging two or four AA or AAA Rechargeable Batteries simultaneously, this functional device will notify you when your cells are fully charged by emitting an easily recognisable sound. A series of different coloured LED lights will also come on and off at various stages of the process, so you can track the progress of your cells as they charge. It can even automatically identify faulty and non-rechargeable cells, and will emit a constant beep and display a red warning light, so you’ll know there’s an issue straightaway.

Sleek-looking, portable and easy to handle, this specialist charger is ideally suited to use both at home and when you’re travelling, and it even comes complete with four AA rechargeable batteries . Manufactured by Energizer, a household name in the UK, the Pro Charger provides you with exceptionally high performance and can charge cells within just three hours. It’s also packed with safety features, so you can use it time and time again with confidence.

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Energizer Pro Charger
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