337 (SR416) Watch Batteries

Manufactured with silver oxide chemistry, the 337 button cell is a low drain battery, commonly used in wristwatches with few functions. Its compact size makes it a convenient choice for watches with a small case. The 337 is a direct replacement for the 337, SR416, SR416SW, 28075 and SB-A5.

The battery measures 4.8mm in diameter with a height (thickness) of 1.6mm. It supplies 1.55V at a nominal capacity of around 8mAh.

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  • Energizer 337 SR416SW Watch Battery | 1 Pack

    Energizer 337 SR416SW Watch Battery | 1 Pack


    Introducing the Energizer 337 SR416SW Watch Battery, your dependable power source for precision timekeeping and small electronics. This battery is meticulously engineered to deliver unwavering performance, guaranteeing that your watches and miniature...
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