Rechargeable AA Batteries

AA Batteries are the most commonly used battery world-wide, which makes rechargeable AA batteries one of the best products you can buy to save money. A wide range of rechargeable AA batteries are available at different capacities and price points. Generally speaking, the higher the capacity, the higher the price. Buying higher capacity AA rechargeables, may cost more initially but saves significant time with less charges being required. As a rechargeable battery has a limited amount of recharge cycles (usually 1200), higher capacity batteries can make sense, effectively lasting longer. For low drain devices, Battery Station provides a number of lower capacity options at great prices, from all the leading suppliers.

Consider how many devices in your home or office currently run on disposable AA batteries, from wireless keyboards, to torches, to remote control toys and games. Chances are, that you could be saving a considerable amount of money by replacing these with reusable, rechargeable equivalents. While some thought is required for selecting the best value rechargeable AA batteries for each device, the financial and environmental advantages will more than likely be worth the effort.

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