Energizer Power Plus Rechargeable Batteries

This exciting range of Power Plus batteries from Energizer come in packs of one, two and four. The sizes within the series are AA, AAA, D and 9V, which mean that they have an extensive number of uses for electrical devices of varying sizes in the home office and factory. The power capacity includes 2000mAh, 2500mAh, 850mAh and 175mAh. These are rechargeable NiMH cells that have been developed by Energizer for use in gadgets such as clocks, children's toys, radios, razors, torches and computer accessories.

These cells have no memory effect, so you don't need to wait until they are fully empty before charging. The state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacturing process of these potent power units ensures that they have very little self-discharge so they can be stored safely for use at a later date. Ready to use and fully charged, straight from the pack, these cells are efficient, long lasting and give a consistent charge throughout their life-cycle. This makes them particularly suitable for use in digital cameras and cordless telephones.

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