Energizer Battery Chargers

Our range of Energizer battery chargers features the latest battery charging technology. From entry level chargers to intelligent chargers with displays, we have a product to suit every need and budget.

Our product range includes a handy compact Energizer Mini charger for 2 smaller capacity AA and AAA batteries. This product is far from basic; it has built in overcharge protection, an auto shut-off feature and two separate charging channels. For charging up to 4 higher capacity AA or AAA batteries we stock the Energizer Maxi and Energizer Base chargers. For rapid charging of AA or AAA batteries we have the Energizer 1 Hour battery charger.

We also stock two intelligent battery chargers; the versatile Energizer Universal charger compatible with AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries, and the Energizer Intelligent charger for AA and AAA batteries. Both products feature an LED screen which displays the charging status and battery fault detection technology.

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