Varta Phone Rechargeable Batteries

If you are searching for reusable batteries to power your cordless telephones, then look no further than this range of Varta cells that have been specially developed for this purpose. They are available in AA and AAA sizes with power capacities of 800mAh and 1600mAh. The company has used NiMH chemistry to produce batteries that deliver 1.2V of nominal voltage. This range features Accu high-tech advanced expertise to ensure that they function perfectly in cordless phones that use high levels of energy daily. Because they don't have a memory effect, they can be recharged hundreds of time even though they have not been completely discharged. They can also be left for long periods in a charging unit without being damaged.

Even though they are ready for use straight from the packaging, because they have only slight self-discharge, they can be stored with little energy loss until required. Rechargeable batteries are environmentally friendly and are also more cost-effective than disposable cells. This range offers efficient, long lasting and inexpensive reusable power that will give you years of top-quality service.

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