386/301 (SR43S) Watch Batteries

The 381/301 button battery replaces both 301 and 381 watch batteries as well as these numbers: SR1142W, LR43, SR43W, RW44, D386, V386(548), 28041, SB-B8, SR1142SW, SR43, RW34, D301, V301(528), 28001, SB-A8. This is a high-capacity button cell with a large case, suitable for low or high drain applications.

The case size is 11.6mm in diameter and 4.2mm in height. These batteries are manufactured with silver oxide technology. Power supplied is 1.55V, with a capacity of approximately 120mAh.

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  • Energizer 386 / 301 LR43 SR43SW Watch Battery | 1 Pack


    The Energizer 386 / 301 Watch Battery is specially designed for watches’ confined space and power demand. This battery delivers the power requirements of both 386 and 301 legacy batteries so you know that you can depend on it without the worry of...
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