Xtar Rechargeable Batteries

Japanese manufacturer Xtar features a range of cells developed by Panasonic is sizes 18650, 18700 and 16340. These are Li-ion rechargeable batteries, which are an economical and efficient replacement for disposables. These batteries come in a broad range of power capacities, which include 600mAH, 2600mAH, 3100mAH and 3400mAH. They are available in  packs of two, and are ready for use and come fully charged. Lithium-ion batteries like these can be used in diving equipment, where a high standard of efficiency in vital. This range is also utilised in search and rescue equipment where reliability is paramount. Other uses include torches MOD devices and electronic cigarettes.

Because overcharging a battery can cause irreparable damage, this range has protective circuitry built in, to prevent this from happening. With no memory effect, you don't have to wait until a battery is fully discharged to recharge it, and with very little self-drainage, these cells can be stored for use at a later date. Because their lifecycle is considerably longer than disposable batteries, not only are they more cost effective but they are also much better for the environment. This range is durable and long lasting and will deliver rechargeable energy at a constant rate even after hundreds of recharges.

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