Lithium USB Rechargeable Batteries

These highly innovative lithium USB rechargeable batteries have a built-in Micro USB port and come supplied with a USB cable. This novel design makes charging easier than ever, as they can be connected to any USB charger or socket. When charging, useful LED status lights will keep you informed of the charging process. As these batteries cannot be charged using an ordinary battery charger, it is important that they are charged using the cable supplied.

With no memory effect, due to their lithium chemistry, they will surpass regular rechargeables when it comes to longevity. Furthermore, once they have reached full capacity after 3 or four recharge cycles, they can go through over an extraordinary 1000 full or part charge cycles.

These batteries are available in the most popular battery sizes and each product is presented in a handy plastic case, where they should be stored when not in use to avoid any contact being made with the terminals.

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