Fast Chargers

Studio photographers and other high-demand device users can burn through batteries in a hurry. In order to make the use of rechargeable batteries practical, these people need to recharge them quickly. Fortunately, science and engineering have brought us a new line of rapid battery chargers that make this possible.

In order to take advantage of the newest technology batteries, you need a charger that pushes the maximum amount of current to them without tripping protection circuitry or destroying batteries. The simplest of these chargers is the basic, one-hour charger, designed specifically for a manufacturer’s line of fast-charge batteries. On the other end of the scale is the multi-speed, microprocessor-controlled charger that delivers the correct amount of current to charge at the fastest, safe rate possible.

Take a look at our selection of fast chargers that meet both of those descriptions and several that bridge the gap between the two. When it comes to getting the most out of your rapid charge batteries, we’ve got the product you need.

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