315 (SR716) Watch Batteries

The 315 button battery is a compact, higher-capacity power supply, used in many high-end wrist watches. Other names/designations for batteries of this size and capacity are SR716SW, SR67, RW316, D315, V315(530), 28056, SB-AT, and SR716.

These cells are manufactured with silver oxide technology, and have a typical capacity of 21mAh and an output of 1.55V. The case measures 7.99mm in diameter with a thickness of 1.6mm.

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  • Energizer 315 SR716SW SR716 Watch Battery | 1 Pack


    The 315 SR716SW SR716 Watch Battery is a high energy button cell made by Energizer to fuel the energy requirements of watches including Swatch. These brands demand power integrity and superior long life that only Energizer battery can provide. Each...
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