Energizer Universal Rechargeable Batteries

Designed to provide long lasting power, the Universal range of batteries by Energizer is highly recommended. Rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are a cost-effective way to power electrical devices in your home, and these cells come in the popular sizes of AA and AAA in packs of four. With power capacities of 1300mAh and 500mA and a 1.2V voltage, they come fully charged-up and ready to be put into your electrical apparatus straight from the packaging. Because they have an extremely low rate of self-discharge, they are perfect for storing until needed, or for use in appliances that are not used for long stretches of time.

The Universal Energizer range has been developed for electrical gadgets that are high drain and also need a consistent and constant power source. Uses include audio recorders, MP3 Players, digital cameras, computer accessories such as mice and children's toys. Every Energiser battery has been tested for quality, and you can rest assured that it can be charged many hundreds of times during its life-cycle. Because there is no memory effect, you can charge at any time and don't have to wait until the cell is empty.

Environmentally friendly and easy on your pocket, these batteries are the perfect solution to you energy needs.

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