13 'Orange' Hearing Aid Batteries

All major hearing aids use 1 of 4 possible batteries which are universally colour coded to make them easy to identify. If your hearing aid requires orange type 13 batteries, any battery from this section will work.

13 (Orange) Hearing Aid Batteries are tiny coin-shaped batteries primarily manufactured as in-ear and behind-ear hearing aid batteries. They are also known as ZA13 batteries. These batteries have an IEC name of PR48 battery and an ANSI/NEDA name of 7000ZD battery.

The 13 hearing aid battery offers 120 hours of use before replacement. It holds 1.4 volts in power and measures 7.9mm in diameter and 5.4mm in height. This battery’s typical capacity stands at 280mAh.



This hearing aid battery uses zinc-air technology to power up devices. It utilizes the oxygen from our atmosphere that passes through the small hole in the case allowing the air to react in the battery. Its own perforated compartment makes it stay secured in its place. Unless the plastic seal is removed, you can store it for a longer time in cool dry place.

13 (orange) hearing aid batteries are manufactured free from mercury to make it safe for both the environment and the hearing aid user.