675 'Blue' Hearing Aid Batteries

Zinc Air batteries are activated by removing the tab allowing air to flow into the battery. The reaction is then started and the battery will then power the hearing aid. Most modern hearing aids use the simple colour compatibility system and any hearing aid using Blue batteries will work our batteries shown above.

The 675 hearing aid battery has a rating of 1.4 volts with dimensions of 11.6mm x 5.4mm. It has a 600mAh capacity and can last up to 250 hours of usage. This battery doesn’t harm the environment since it contains no mercury.



The 675 battery uses Zinc Air technology which utilises oxygen from the air. The small hole in the case will allow the air into the battery as a part of its chemical reaction. It is widely recognized by the blue colour of the tab or of the packaging for size reference. Battery manufacturers recently adopted a new standard packaging called EasyTab to make battery storage more convenient and secure. This means one can carry spare batteries in a pocket or a wallet. The plastic seal will prevent the battery from unnecessary activation.