AA/AAA/C/D/9V Battery Chargers

More and more, homeowners and businesses are making the switch to rechargeable power for their electronic devices. Thanks to recent technological advances, there’s a practical rechargeable solution in every size for every requirement. In order to charge a whole household or business full of batteries, you need a charger that adapts to all these sizes.

From the most basic multi-charger to the sophisticated model with testing and conditioning circuitry, status indicators and a USB charger to boot, we have the right universal battery charger to fit your needs and budget.

Our multi-chargers handle AAA, AA, C, D and 9V batteries in various combinations, to ensure that you always have a fresh set of batteries available for all your home and office electronics. Most models charge both NiCd and NiMH chemistries.


  1. Duracell Hi-Speed Multi Charger CEF22

    Battery Chargers

    This Duracell CEF22 one-hour charger has your rechargeable batteries ready to go in rapid time. Versatile...

    £24.95 (£20.79 ex. VAT)
  2. Energizer Universal Battery Charger

    Battery Chargers

    Energizer’s new Universal Battery Charger is an excellent choice for broad...

    £16.95 (£14.13 ex. VAT)
  3. Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Battery Charger

    Battery Chargers

    The Energy 8 Plus charger combines an attractive design with German engineering expertise from Ansmann, a...

    £54.95 (£45.79 ex. VAT)
  4. Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Speed Battery Charger

    Battery Chargers

    Featuring German engineering know-how and the highest standards of quality control, the Ansmann Energy 16...

    £87.95 (£73.29 ex. VAT)