Xtar Battery Chargers

These chargers are specifically designed for use with Xtar’s line of high-capacity, Li-ion batteries and will charge other high-quality lithium ion cells. From the most basic model to the complete, universal kit, all Xtar chargers incorporate the features needed to get the most out of your investment in high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

Please note: Most Xtar Battery Chargers cannot charge normal NiMH rechargeable batteries. Attempting to charge conventional rechargeable batteries with one of these chargers could result in damage and overheating.



All models provide automated switching of the two-stage charging rate required by Li-ion batteries as well as overcharge and reverse polarity protection. Higher-end models include features like manually selectable charging rates, battery shut down recovery, automatic restart, LCD display and 12V adapters.

If you need dependable charging for the batteries for your specialty torch, electronic cigarettes or other high-demand devices, Xtar Li-ion battery chargers deliver.