Ansmann Energy Check LCD 4000392 Battery Tester

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Product Description

This sophisticated battery tester from world technology leader Ansmann makes it easy to tell exactly how much energy is left in almost any cylindrical or button/coin cell, as well as 9V block batteries. It tests both rechargeable and disposable cells and provides quick, accurate information about the condition of your batteries in seconds.

Simply touch one end of the battery to the appropriate contact and touch the cable to the other. Within 2 - 3 seconds, the condition of the battery is displayed, both as percentage of charge remaining in 10% increments and as actual potential in mV. It’s quick, easy and portable, too.

This versatile and accurate battery checker works with all the following cells:

Lithium button/coin cells: CR1025,CR 1216, CR 1220, CR 1616, CR 1620, CR 2016 / CR2025, CR 2032, CR 2320, CR 2430, CR 2450

Lithium Photo batteries: CR 2, CR 123 A, CRV 3 / CRP-2, 2CR 5

Alkaline button cells: V76, V625 / LR 43, LR 44, LR 45, LR 48, LR 54 / LR 55, LR 59, LR 58, LR 60, LR 66

Zinc-Air button cells: V675, V 13, V 312

Alkaline batteries: A 23 (12V) / AAA, AA, C, D, 9V-E

NiCd and NiMH cells: AAA, AA, C, D

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