Brexit & The closure of our international business is no longer able to ship goods outside the UK Customs Area.

We are no longer able to ship to Republic of Ireland, or any other EU country. We have been forced to close our international business.

While we have already put considerable effort into mitigating this amongst a lack of UK government useful help, we have decided it is not practically possible to continue to supply outside the UK.

  • Our website system would need considerable work to calculate VAT which would need to be collected and remitted to each EU member state.
  • Sending small orders to the EU would require VAT registration in each EU member state.
  • Even if we did collect VAT and duty, fast parcel couriers are regularly getting it wrong, and still attempting to charge customers duty and VAT, on VAT/Duty Paid deliveries
  • Many items are manufactured outside the UK/EU and could be subject to duties
  • Fast parcel carriers brokerage rates are unrealistic and our customers simply won't pay them

Unless there is a significant change to the law or Brexit deal, we do not envisage revisiting this decision.