CR1632 Coin Cells

The CR1632 battery is a battery that provides a constant flow of voltage, yet is lightweight enough for travel and storage. These batteries are created with performance in mind, giving you the long lasting power to supply all of your devices with the energy needed to perform. Used in many different devices such as calculators, cameras, heart rate monitors, and even toys, these batteries are able to operate well under many different temperature ranges. With a long shelf life and a superior storage capacity, the CR1632 is a battery that provides trustworthy power for your smaller electronic devices.



The CR1632 battery has lithium chemistry inside its compact cell design. The lithium content weighs 0.036 grams and has energy density of 209 milliwatt hr/g. This battery is also gaining popularity because of its 10 years shelf life. The battery is 1.8 grams in weight, 16mm in diameter and measures 3.2 mm in height.

Commonly known as CR1632 battery, it is also known by other names like L50, 1632, and DL1632 battery.