CR2012 Coin Cells

CR2012 coin cells have been popular among major timepiece manufacturers such as Bulova, Timex, Seiko and Citizen, making this tiny battery one of the most common replacement batteries for name-brand wristwatches. This flat circular lithium battery also powers the backup memory on many electronics like digital cameras and e-readers, protecting against critical data loss when the main battery is removed.

The CR2012 coin cell battery features an exceptionally long shelf life (between 5 and 10 years) along with a low-drain rate, often providing many years of service before requiring replacement. Weighing in at a mere 1.4g and measuring about 1.23mm high with a 20mm diameter, this battery is highly resistant to leakages, making it safe and comfortable for use in wearable devices such as wristwatches and medical monitoring equipment like heart rate monitors.



The CR2012 battery uses lithium chemistry that is known to operate longer than silver-oxide batteries. Lithium can also generate higher voltage than other elements. This battery offers longer shelf life which can last up to ten years.  It weighs 1.3 grams and has a typical volume of 0.3 cubic centimetres.

The 3v CR2012 battery has a typical capacity of 58 mAh that is rated at t 30K ohms at 21°C. Its 129 milliwatt hr/g is perfect for precision equipments such as glucometer and other home health devices.