CR2325 Coin Cells

The CR2325 is a battery that is often used to replace a variety of watch brands. It is also commonly used in laptops to power the CMOS and to power the motherboard clock, should a loss of power occur. This battery provides all of the power that your small devices need to keep going. The lightweight battery is able to easily be stored long-term, so you can stock up and never have to worry about running out of power. Used in toll passes, medical devices, and some key fobs, this battery provides all of the power you need to get your device up and running again.

Also known as BR2325, the CR2325 battery has a low internal cell resistance which is a key factor for its long service life. It measures 23mm in width and 2.5mm in height. It also has a nominal capacity of 190mAh and operates in 3v.

The CR2325 battery is a non rechargeable battery that uses lithium manganese oxide. This chemistry is considered as the safest type and guaranteed to provide high power and shelf life of about ten years.