AA Lithium Batteries

The AA lithium battery is a suitable, non-rechargeable replacement for alkaline AA batteries in almost any device that uses this size. Compared to their alkaline counterparts, lithium AA cells offer longer shelf life, higher capacity and substantially lower weight.

These batteries will provide longer service life than alkaline batteries in miniature torches, wireless keyboards, cameras, toys and other consumer electronic devices. The case size is identical to the alkaline AA, with a 14.5mm diameter and 50.5mm length. The 1.5V output is also identical, typically used in series-connected pairs for 3V devices. Also known as a “penlight” battery, this is one of the most commonly used formats for many portable household electronics. The size may also be referred to as MN1500 or MX1500.



The technology of these Li/Fe batteries employs an anode composed of metallic lithium, for a substantial reduction in weight. The cathode is typically iron disulfide, with a propylene carbonate electrolyte. This combination can provide an energy density as high as 2.5 times that of AA alkaline cells. The technology also provides a very low self-discharge rate resulting in a storage life of up to 10 years.

By replacing standard alkaline AA batteries with these lithium cells, you’ll extend the run time of your portable devices while lowering the weight, which may be an important consideration for backpackers, photographers and frequent fliers. Thanks to their extended shelf life, you can also “stock up” on replacements without the risk of finding dead batteries after storage. Generally, these batteries can be disposed of with household rubbish, although some consumers may prefer to take them to recycling centers.