SL-750 Batteries

These non-rechargeable lithium batteries are high-capacity, 3.6V cells in a very small package. The “1/2AA” (14.5mm x 24mm) case makes them easy to integrate and they provide high energy density, wide temperature tolerance and low self-discharge. They are also very lightweight.

Typical applications for these batteries include remote devices that don’t allow frequent battery replacement, such as security cameras, monitoring stations and tracking systems. Most applications require long service periods with minimal constant current drain and occasional pulses.



SL-750 batteries are safer and extremely temperature tolerant, thanks to lithium/thionyl chloride construction. They provide stable voltage in temperatures ranging from -60C to +85C. Lithium technology also helps negate self-discharging as well as minimizing voltage fall-off near the end of the battery’s life span. Typical capacity for these batteries is 1100 mAh.

Because of their small size and high output and capacity, these batteries are ideal for devices with infrequent maintenance schedules. Their long storage life means extra replacements can be stored on-site without losing their initial charge. Because they are a single-use power supply, there’s no need for charging power.