2CR5 245 Lithium Batteries

Used in Canon, Minolta, and Pentax, the 2CR5 245 Lithium battery is a powerful battery that allows for the high-functioning needs of today's cameras. Offering a stable voltage and long-shelf life, it is perfect to power your medical instruments, flashlights, night vision devices, and electronic locks. Instead of relying on a battery that will not give you long life, it is important to choose a battery that has full power and will run your devices with the sustained amount of energy that they need. This ensures that your devices are available when you need them most.



The 2CR5 battery is a 6volt battery with leak resistant construction. Its measurements are 34mm in length, 17mm in diameter, and 45mm in height with 1500mAh capacity at average current drain. This type of battery uses Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry that is very high in capacity.

The 2CR5 battery provides optimum performance due to its high charge density and high drain capability. This battery can perform in a wide range of temperatures, ranging from -40F to 140F. This type of battery is environment-friendly as it contains no mercury. It is also used as a replacement for both 5032LC and RL2CR5 batteries.