4LR61 J Batteries

Our 4LR61 J-size Batteries can be easily handled and inserted only one way, lying flat in most medical devices and dispelling any problems when replacing.

These J batteries offer the reassurance that your medical devices or photo equipment will function properly with a consistent and dependable power source. Check our J battery replacement selections for all your 4LR61 J Battery purchases and be assured that you will receive outstanding performance for your consumer and medical devices at a great price. By purchasing your batteries from our reputable online store, you can be rest assured that your medical devices will have long lasting performance with a correct battery replacement option.



The J battery is a 6-volt alkaline battery with dimensions of 36mm in height, 48mm in length and 9mm in width. This type of battery has a nominal capacity of 625mAh and can perform in temperatures ranging from -18C to 55C.