Atomic CR2032H 3V Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack

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  • Atomic CR2032H 3V Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack
  • Atomic CR2032H 3V Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack
  • Atomic CR2032H 3V Coin Cell Battery | 1 Pack
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Experience the robust and reliable power of the Atomic CR2032H coin cell battery, a superior choice for a wide array of electronic devices. This battery stands out with its remarkable 240mAh capacity, significantly higher than the standard CR2032 batteries. This extra capacity ensures longer life and consistent performance, making it an indispensable power source for both business and consumer applications.

CR2032H Features:

  • Enhanced Capacity:The Atomic CR2032H distinguishes itself with a 240mAh capacity, providing more energy than standard CR2032 cells. This translates to extended usage times and fewer replacements, optimizing your device's performance.
  • Broad Compatibility:This battery is perfectly sized for a variety of devices, from small gadgets to crucial business equipment, making it a versatile choice.
  • Durability and Reliability:Built to endure, the Atomic CR2032H maintains performance under various environmental conditions, ensuring a reliable power supply.
  • Safety and Stability:Designed with safety as a priority, this battery reduces the risks of leakage and short circuits, protecting your devices.
  • Environmentally Conscious:The Atomic CR2032H is crafted with eco-friendly materials, emphasizing our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Device Compatibility:

  • Medical Devices:Such as glucose monitors, digital thermometers, and blood pressure monitors.
  • Security Devices:Including high-end security key fobs and electronic door locks.
  • Fitness Gadgets:Advanced fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and pedometers.
  • Wearable Technology:Sophisticated smartwatches and wearable cameras.
  • Entertainment:Video game backup memory cartridges and remote controls.
  • Specific Device Requirements:Certain devices exclusively require the CR2032H battery due to its enhanced capacity, and will not function with a standard CR2032.

The Atomic CR2032H coin cell battery redefines power efficiency in small-scale electronics. Its superior 240mAh capacity not only provides extended life but also ensures compatibility with devices specifically designed for the CR2032H. This battery is not just a power source; it's an essential component for the efficient and reliable operation of a wide range of devices. Its advanced technology, broad compatibility, and eco-friendly design make the Atomic CR2032H the ideal choice for powering your essential electronic devices, ensuring they operate at their best for longer.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85065030

Country of Origin - China (CN)


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Height: 3.2mm Diameter: 20mm
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