Energizer 377/376 SR626SW SR66 Watch Battery | 1 Pack

Product code(s): 377, 376, SR626SW, SR626, SR66, AG4, V377, 280-39, 606, BA, CX626, D377, G4, S32, SB-AW, SG4, SP377

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Product Description

When you wear a high-quality watch, you want a high-quality watch battery to keep it running reliably; and Energizer is the brand name that immediately springs to mind. The Energizer 377/376 SR626SW button cell is used in watches by popular brands like Accurist, Casio, Fossil, Seiko and Timex. It is also used in some small toys, cameras, calculators and talking e-books.

These Button Cells pack a lot of energy for their low weight, due to the energy density which is greater than that of conventional batteries. They are primary cells, which means that you use them once and discard them. 

The battery also uses innovative multi-drain technology. Multi-drain means they are versatile and perform equally well under high-drain situations when power requirements are high (digital, electric watches) and low-drain conditions when power requirements are low (analogue watches). This means you only need one battery when different size batteries are required. This battery replaces both 377 & 376 legacy batteries. It has a long shelf life and has been extensively tested so you know you can depend on it.

The same technology was used to power the Apollo lunar module, the Saturn rocket launcher, moon-rover and life-support backpack. Larger versions have been used to power Alpha class submarines and Mark 37 torpedoes. That is a lot of sophisticated technology to power your watch and at an amazingly low price.

Unlike older silver oxide button cells, Energizer 377/376 SR636SW silver oxide batteries do not contain mercury, which means they are safer for the environment and safer for the user.

Technical Specification & Downloads

SKU ENE-WB-02073
Manufacturer Part Number 637343
EAN Code 7638900253023
Weight (g) 1.0000
Chemistry Silver Oxide
Units per box/card 1
Voltage 1.55V
Capacity 28mAh
Dimensions (mm) Diameter: 6.8mm Height: 2.6mm
Item Codes 377, 376, SR626SW, SR626, SR66, AG4, V377, 280-39, 606, BA, CX626, D377, G4, S32, SB-AW, SG4, SP377
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