Energizer 379 SR521SW Watch Battery | 1 Pack

Item Codes:
379, SR521SW, SR63, RW327, D379, V379(520), 28059, SB-AC
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Energizer 379 SR521SW Watch Battery is available as a single unit within a 1-pack, designed to deliver precision power to an array of watches. This battery exemplifies the blend of miniature size and potent energy output, perfect for those timepieces that are an integral part of your daily routine and personal style. Count on this battery to keep your timepieces running with precision and style.

Main Features:

  • Precise Voltage: This battery is crafted to provide a stable 1.55V, ideal for the precise operation of wristwatches.
  • Specialized for Timekeeping: It is specifically engineered for watches, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
  • Efficient Single-Pack Offering: Aimed at providing just what you need, when you need it, without the surplus of a multi-pack.
  • Energizer Assurance: With Energizer, you get a battery known for its long-lasting performance and consistent quality.
  • Compact Size: Its diminutive form factor is perfectly suited for the sleek design of modern watches.


  • Dress and Formal Watches: Powers the timepieces you wear for business meetings or formal occasions, where reliability is as crucial as appearance.
  • Vintage and Heirloom Timepieces: Ideal for maintaining the functionality of vintage watches that require a gentle yet effective power source.
  • Fashion and Designer Watches: Provides energy to the watches that serve as a statement of your personal style and sophistication.
  • Watch Complications: Runs the additional features in watches such as small digital displays, calendar functions, or moon phase indicators.

Employing the Energizer 379 SR521SW Watch Battery within your favorite timepiece is a step towards ensuring its unwavering functionality. This cell's 1.55V is specifically tailored to meet the energy demands of intricate watch mechanics, from the simplest to the most elaborate designs. Whether your watch is a daily companion or a treasured piece for special occasions, you can trust this Energizer single-pack battery to deliver the power needed with precision and dependability.

Check twice, install once: Always verify battery compatibility.

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Commodity/Tariff Code - 85064000

Country of Origin -USA (US)


Battery Size:
379 Batteries
EAN Number:
Battery Technology:
Silver Oxide
Diameter: 5.8mm Height: 2.1mm
Item Codes:
379, SR521SW, SR63, RW327, D379, V379(520), 28059, SB-AC
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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Electronics > Electronics Accessories > Power > Batteries
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