USB Power Banks

USB power bank chargers are great if you want to stay connected while you’re on the go. Suitable for use with gadgets that can be charged via a USB connection, such as compatible smartphones, MP3 players, e-readers and tablets, USB power bank chargers are capable of storing energy within their in-built batteries. You can recharge your compatible devices just by connecting them to your power bank charger using a USB cable.

Usually designed to be lightweight and compact, USB power bank chargers are ideally suited to regular travellers or anyone else who is always on the go. When you have a USB power bank charger to hand, you won’t need to be close to a mains electricity socket, making this type of charger a convenient back-up power source for anyone camping or on the road.

When choosing a USB power charger, ensure that you’re opting for a model with a nominal voltage and a nominal capacity that suits the needs of the device or devices that you want to use it to recharge. For example, we sell USB power bank chargers with nominal capacities ranging from 1800mAh to 12000mAh.

We also stock USB power bank chargers from different manufacturers at various price points. However, when you shop with us, you can narrow the available options down with ease, just by using the filters on the left.

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