CR2354 Batteries

CR2354 batteries are compact, lightweight coin cells. They are perfect for powering small, portable electronic devices such as watches, key fobs and calculators among many others. The CR2354 battery has an impressive capacity of 560mAh with a diameter of 23mm and a thickness of only 5.4mm. With very low levels of self-discharge, this battery has a long shelf life of up to 10 years. The lithium manganese technology in this cell means that it provides a much more stable output than alkaline alternatives.

We sell the Ansmann, Varta and Panasonic branded CR2354 cells, which are all high performance versions of this battery.

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  • Ansmann CR2354 Lithium Coin Cell | 1 Pack

    Ansmann CR2354 Lithium Coin Cell | 1 Pack


    This CR2354 Lithium coin cell comes blister packed and is brought to you by Ansmann, one of the leaders in design and manufacturing. High in quality, this single-use cell will provide reliable power to your car keys, watches, scales and calculators, to...
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