V74PX MN154 Batteries

The VP74 or MN154 as it is also known is a 15V-volt battery which is used in certain types of remote controls units, multimeters and photo strobes. They will operate efficiently at extreme temperatures, both hot and cold which makes them a popular fit for devices which may be left outdoors and unattended for long periods and devices which increase in tempurature when in use.

These batteries have been developed and engineered to give excellent performance, durability and long life.

With a power capacity rated at 45mAh, these disposable VP74 batteries have been designed to deliver exceptional price to performance ratios. They can not only be used to replace power units already installed in electrical devices but also make good spares. Stored under normal conditions these batteries will always be available for use when required, even after an extended period. This also makes them very useful in equipment that is not used on a regular basis.

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