Duracell Procell Intense Power

Produced by Duracell, the Procell Intense Power range advances on the already popular Procell line. Through the use of new, state of the art design, these products have an enhanced performance, resulting in up to 30% better longevity. This means that they are cost effective, with the batteries requiring minimal changes, even in high drain devices.

This range has been specially designed to provide both reliable and high-quality power to the most energy-hungry of devices. Duracell is known for working with manufacturers to create products specifically aimed at professional sectors. With the Procell Intense power range, they have used engineering to create device-specific alkaline batteries with unique power profiles, so they can remain at peak performance for a longer period of time in specialist devices.

Duracell have ensured that the design, safety and manufacturing of these batteries incorporates parts of the ANSI and IEC battery standards. All of the batteries listed below have a recommended operating temperature of 20°C to 54°C and come date-coded to aid storage management.

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