GP Lithium Batteries

Manufactured using the latest battery technology and designed to deliver reliable performance over an extended service life, GP lithium batteries are cost-effective and packed with power. As well as their excellent reliability in safety-critical applications such as smoke alarms or photographic flash units, their relative lightness offers a weight advantage in hand-held equipment.
GP lithium replacement batteries are available in popular AA, AAA and 9V or E-BLOCK sizes, in addition to a selection of specialist lithium products. Particularly well suited to devices that need occasional bursts of relatively high current, including hair trimmers, high-tech flashlights and audio players, other typical uses are PIR security system detectors, portable radios and larger remote controls. Lithium cells also work well in computer mice, game controllers and wireless keyboards.
GP lithium cells boast a long shelf life and go on working much longer than alkaline batteries – even in extremely hot and cold temperatures.

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